The scr888 game is a popular slot game. It is easy and simple to play, all you have to do is to insert money, press a button to spin the reels and see the result based on the images you get after every spin. Each slot machine requires different results to get reward.Slot game are found in all slot, however, you have to choose a trustful one to play. If you are looking for a good Malaysian slot, SCR888 slot live would be the best choice for the reputation, wonderful experience, recreation and so on.

Although it is simple, there are 5 skills you need to know if you want to win the slots and even receive rewards from them. Please read this article thoroughly before you get started.

1) Know the rules and how the machine works.

Make sure that you know the rules and the way a slot machine works. Do not start the game if you don’t know how to bet, or how to make the reels spin.
There are many online slots that offer the “free credit games” for you to try. Make good use of them to save your wallet from death.

2) Limit the amount of bet that you can afford to lose.

I have to stress that all types of gambling have risks. Contrary to the attractive payouts, losing money is possible. Once you lose a huge sum of money, you will go insane and keep betting relentlessly to get your money back. Unfortunately, betting in such a way like that just leads to bankruptcy.Therefore, you should know how much you have and set a target as well as a limit of money. It should be affordable to you. If you get the target (or completely lose the limit), stop playing and come back the next day.

3) Always bet Max

Have you ever heard “high risk, higher return”? The highest reward is the Jackpot requiring you to bet a big amount of money. The chance to win rewards is calculated on how much you bet. That’s why you should always bet the maximum coin in your hands.In order not to lose everything you have, remember the #2 tip: the maximum stake must be lower than the amount you can afford. Betting higher for higher return does not mean putting your rent money into such a risky situation.

4) Make plan

I suggest making a plan which is clear about the budget, play hours, target and discipline. It will help you control your emotions (both negative and positive) and save you from wasting your money.Budget: follow the #2 tip when you determine it.Play hours: Playing so much in a day will make you tired. Nobody can always win. The ideal time to play is around 3 hours.I would like to stress this point: DISCIPLINE is CRITICAL for every gambler. Stick to the plan, keep good discipline until you get your goals.

5) Know when to stop

Stop playing when you are in one of these situfations:–   After playing for 3 hours: let your brain rest. Healthy players always perform better.–   When you reach the target.–   When you lose consecutively.Both the 2nd and 3rd tip are about controlling your emotion. If you are sure that you can keep calm, well, just skip them.


The tips above are the experience of many experts after many years playing the slot game. They are not only useful for beginners but also valuable for any gambler. I hope you will win after reading this article and go to try SCR88 slots now. Good luck!If you want to get bonus, please  Click Here