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Month: October 2017

Advantage & disadvantage between online casino and real casino

SCR888 Compare Real vs online casino Advantage & disadvantage between online casino and real casino Land based casinos are now history as online casinos are the new favorite of gamblers. It is true that technological edge has changed the whole gambling concept and makes people crazy about virtual casinos. All of this leads to the birth of various gambling websites, applications, and even games. These online options let players play casino games for fun, for money or one can have a career in it. On the other hand, various people don’t like this online concept, and there are also...

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Best SCR888 Games

Best SCR888 Games Some of the most popular games in SCR888 Casino Monkey thunderbolt: the perfect racing game   Monkey thunderbolt: the perfect racing game The game had been actually created by the Chinese people during the ancient times. According to monkey thunderbolt game all players must pass through various rules to join this race. The game asks only ten monkeys to pass at once. In beginning, all of the monkeys must search their own way for touching of the sky which is theme of the game. Joker711 casino They are also supposed to fight with eagles and then...

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Dolphin reef: the perfect water theme gambling game

Dolphin reef: the perfect water theme gambling game The amazing game of the slot machine is the dolphin reef that excites gamblers. The wild symbols are really interesting and the missing symbols could be substituted by players to make game better. The various wonderful water creatures make the game so delightful. Some animals of the water type that are including in this game are” turtles, star fishes, octopus, dolphins, angel fishes, seahorses and many more. The players feel the life of the water and get to witness so many amazing animals with really authentic graphics. The winning combination ahs...

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Why Monkey story is the exciting racing game?

The monkey story is the racing game designed for the people who would want to place bets over racing animals. This game is really different and refreshing from the normal boring gambling games which are found in the abundance. The monkeys would be competing and the racing would be done by them. The players would have to assume which monkey would come on which position. The more accurate the guess you make, the more amount you would make through the slots. The characters in such game are mainly the monkey’s which run in the race and help you to...

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Why people prefer the SCR888 mobile casino games?

The SCR888 mobile casino games are the perfect spot to win lots of money. The casinos are loved by all people that love to do gambling and betting. There are various ways to enter in world of gambling and the best is to do the online betting. The gambling world is centered on the money making through betting over the various games that are played from the sports gambling book. The people are using these because these are safe places to become part of the gambling world. The people would not even feel that they are not in the...

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